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October 10, 2016

Associating different Google AdSense account with your YouTube channel

If you have ever wondered if you can associate a Google AdSense account which is linked to a different email account than your YouTube channel account well then here is the good news for you, yes you can do that. I have done it several times and it has worked every time. The process is pretty simple and straightforward once you try it by yourself. The description below about how to make it work is valid and verified as of today. There is no guarantee that it will work for you as well and the information provided below comes with no implied warranty. The author(me) not responsible for any situation arising from use of this instruction so follow it at your own risk.

Steps 1:

Log in to your YouTube channel by using your email account and then go to Creator Studio. Now find the Monetization page under CHANNEL. Click on Review or change AdSense association and then click on Change button appeared inside the new Monetization page.

Step 2:

Now you should see Welcome to AdSense page. Now leave Welcome to AdSense page open and open up a new browser tab or window where you will sign out from your Google account / Youtube channel account (I have Google account linked to my Youtube channel so I just logged out from my Gmail account to have the same effect). Now switch back to Welcome to AdSense page and Sign in using your email account which is different from YouTube channel account. Now Just follow the on line instruction to complete the Google AdSense account association to your YouTube channel.

Step 3:

After association process is completed, sign out from email account which is different from YouTube channel account and sign in again using YouTube channel email account. Now on the Monetization page you should be able to see that your AdSense account is changed to the new one that you just associated.

August 8, 2016

Ubuntu synchronise Google calendar and contacts and view & edit google drive files with GNOME applications

If you are using Ubuntu 16.04 then you can easily integrate Google apps experiences into your Ubuntu Desktop by using GNOME desktop applications. Which means you can easily view and edit your Google account calendars and contacts books right from your Ubuntu desktop without needing to open-up a web browser and sign-in to google account every-time you have to amend something.

Now fire up a terminal and put the following command into to install GNOME control center, Calendar, and Contact applications and GNOME online accounts package:

sudo apt-get install gnome-control-center gnome-contacts gnome-calendar gnome-online-accounts

If everything is installed properly, you should be able to find corresponding applications icons into Dash applications tab. Now, in the Dash search for Settings icon and click to launch All Settings window like shown below:

Now goto Online Accounts and click on the plus sign which will open Add Account dialog. Select Google and sign into your google account. Finally, click Allow button to give GNOME applications access to your Google services. Now you should see which Google services will be synchronised with the GNOME applications like shown below:

From here you can easily toggle the services you do not like to be synchronised with the Desktop applications. Turn on Calender, Contacts and Files which will in turn let you access Google Calender, Contacts and Drive from GNOME Calender, Contacts and File applications.

Accessing Google Calendar:

Search for Calendar icon in the Dash and open it. Click on the Manage your Calendar icon and select Calendar Settings from the popup menu. Now in the Calendar Settings dialog window click add button and select from web if your Google account calendars are not showing in the Calendars list like shown below:

Every time you change calendars you have to click Synchronize from the GNOME Calender application.

Accessing Google Contacts:

Search for Contacts icon in the Dash and open it. From Change Address Book dialog window select your Google account, like shown below:

The application will automatically synchronise your contacts upon change.

Accessing Google Drive files:

When you open Nautilus file manager (GNOME Files), you should be able to see your Google account email with other storage drives like shown below:

With GNOME Files, you will be able to access Google Drive files just like any other local disk partitions. To reflect any changes to the Google Drive do not forget to Unmount from the GNOME Files application.