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Downloads For Classic Linux Games

Just read README PACKAGE file to run the game

            Downloads For Classic Linux Games Updates

            Just copy the extracted files into the game folder. If the game still does not work try Onthim Mesa3D driver for Intel and AMD graphics from Onthim GNU/Linux downloads

                        • Soldier of Fortune for new 64 Bit Linux distribution with native screen resolution support

                              Downloads For Linux Installers For Windows Games

                              Just use windows game disk to install and play the game on Linux

                              Downloads For Emulators For Linux

                              The following on some Linux emulators packaged for modern Linux distributions

                              • RockNES (Nintendo Entertainment System emulator) old program but still good emulator repackaged to work on modern Linux

                              Downloads For Linux Direct3D support under Wine

                              Downloads For Abandonware Games

                              Just unzip and play

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