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July 9, 2015

Fix Ubuntu shutdown and suspend problem on HP 250 G3

If you have a HP 250 G3 notebook and use Ubuntu based GNU/Linux then you may be experiencing problems such as the system will halt at shutdown and will hang when you try to suspend. All these problems are related to each other. You can easily fix these problems by just changing some settings in your BIOS.

First thing you can try if you have Windows operating system, then you can try installing the latest vendor BIOS program and see if the problems persist. After installing latest BIOS if the problems still occur then just go into your BIOS setup screen and look for USB 3 configuration in pre-OS option and then change the USB 3 configuration in pre-OS state to be in enabled. BIOS is the operating system neutral system settings program you can get into when the computer starts. To enter BIOS just try to press Esc key on the keyboard and press one of the F1-F12 key to enter BIOS settings. And if you have done everything correctly, hopefully, you will no longer experience any of the above problems anymore :)


  1. you need to post it on ubuntu comunity

  2. very good and easy solution!!!

  3. THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!!!!!!! I dont speak in english but i can write THANKS!

  4. It works !!!!!
    Thanks Iman for your help.