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November 21, 2014

How to install program under kubuntu Linux via binary file

Some software from different vendors target different Linux Distribution, Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, Arch Linux and so forth. To make their software compatible among all the different Linux distributions, software vendors distribute their software in Binary file form.

Binary files are files which can be executed without any particular package managers provided by different Linux Distributions, so that the same binary file can be used for installing software on many distributions. A majority of the games software on Linux come in binary form. To install software from vendor provided binary file, one has to first get the file from the Internet or some other sources. After then, one has to make the file executable (files can be opened by some other programs or files can be run by itself). Making a file executable makes it to be able to run by itself. And finally by opening the file the particular software that come with the file can be installed by following on screen instructions.

In some cases, the binary files are designed for running from the terminal environment (command line) instead of running graphically. In that case, one has to open a terminal and run the file from the terminal. Any files can be run from terminal by putting ./ followed by the file name in the terminal. For example, ./binary [Press Enter key]. Here . means current folder and / is folder separator. In the terminal you will have to navigate to binary file folder by using cd command. For example, if the file is in Download folder, you would put cd Download [Press Enter key].

Sometimes, the binary file may need access to system folders. In this case, you have to use sudo command to give access. For example, sudo ./binary [Press Enter key].

Now let's go through an example in Kubuntu 14.10 Linux,

Open up Firefox web browser

Kickoff -> Applications -> Firefox web browser

Download Ayam (A free 3D modelling software) ->
Download Ayam-1.20-Linux-x86-Install into Home or Download folder

Open Home folder (suppose I have download the file in home folder)
Kickoff -> Computer -> Home

Make the file executable
Right click on the Ayam-1.20-Linux-x86-Install -> Properties

Click on the Permissions tab

Check the Is executable -> click on the OK button to exit

Now, you can just open the file normally to run the program.

Now, lets run the file from terminal

Open up terminal application

Kickoff -> Applications -> System -> Konsole

Run the program (suppose the file in Home folder)
enter: ./Ayam-1.20-Linux-x86-Install and punch ENTER key

Now, you can try other applications if you want to :)

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