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November 30, 2014

Install Kubuntu Linux


Kubuntu is a complete general purpose operating system for personal computers and corporate systems. Kubuntu is a Linux based operating system with Debian and Ubuntu specific package management system and distribution architecture. Kubuntu is suitable for you if you want to try out Linux, want a complete desktop user interface, want to play Linux games, want to use Linux for general purpose computing. Kubuntu desktop interface is based on famous KDE desktop environment.


Kubuntu comes with it's own software store Muon Discover, which features a slick method for installing available online repositories software. You can also easily remove existing programs by just going Installed near the top of the program.

Muon Discover

Kubuntu desktop has an easy to use main menu Kickoff for launching your favorite applications and programs. One can easily search for an application in the search box. And finding, new installed application is a breeze by going Applications->Recently Installed.

Kickoff represented by a K over a gear icon
Kickoff when opened

Kubuntu desktop can be fully configured to your needs from the System Settings window, which can be found under Kickoff->Computer->System Settings.

System Settings window

Kubuntu's powerful Dragon Player will play all of your multimedia files easily.

Dragon Player

Download and Installation

Just head over to to download the operating system iso file. You may download 32-bit or 64-bit file depending on your system and then burn the iso file on a DVD and then boot your computer from the DVD and then install Kubuntu by following the online instructions.

First Boot

After you finished installation of Kubuntu and boot your computer into Kubuntu, the first thing you should do getting the Internet connection on the Kubuntu. Because, the system as with it's default state does not come with enough software installed to run all different files and programs. So, you need working Internet connection for downloading all necessary additional packages to the system. To make life easier I have created a package which will install all the necessary files and also configure the system with necessary permissions. Just download the package from the following link


This package is designed for just installed Kubuntu 14.10 system with Internet connection.

But you can also use this package if you want to make sure everything is installed.

After downloading the package, extract the package by right clicking on the file->Extract->Extract Archive Here, Autodetect Subfolder. This will create a SConfiguration folder. Into the SConfiguration folder just follow the instructions from ReadMe.txt file to start the setup. If everything went well you should see the following message.

Now, you have a fully working Kubuntu 14.10 system!

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  1. On 22 October, Kubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) was released!
    This is how to Install Kubuntu 15.10 in VMware Workstation video tutorial.