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December 1, 2014

Install Broadcom wireless network adapter driver on Kubuntu 14.10 and Ubuntu 14.10

Kubuntu does not come with Broadcom wifi driver pre-installed due to license issues. However you can easily install by going to Kickoff->Computer->System Settings->Driver Manager and selecting appropriate option and clicking on the Apply button. But this method will only work if you already have Internet connection on Kubuntu by other means such as wired connection. 

Driver Manager

Wifi Driver
To make life easier, just download the following package from other computer with Internet connection and copy the file to a 64 bit Kubuntu system. 


for Ubuntu 14.10 64 bit


Once you have the package on your Kubuntu system, extract the package by right clicking on the file->Extract->Extract Archive Here, Autodetect Subfolder. This will create a bcmw folder. Into the bcmw folder just follow the instructions from ReadMe.txt file to start the setup.

follow this for running executable files on Ubuntu

If you have followed everything correctly, the setup will install wifi driver on your system and you should see wifi network available on the Kubuntu System Tray panel.

KDE System Tray

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